Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting support or sales department, please try to read this frequently asked questions. You may find your answers here.

What are PHPism services?

PHPism provides the customers with pre-made PHP scripts according to their needs. PHPism also provide the customers with the ability to request a private customization or a theme to the pre-made scripts.

Is PHPism legal entity?

Yes, it is. PHPism is the International Web Design front for Shoman Systems co. A legal company located in Egypt and works according to the Egyptian laws since 2012.

What are they payment methods available in PHPism ?

We are using PayPal payment processor. We accept all payments options available in PayPal which includes all major credit cards and bank deposits.
If you don't have credit card or don't have access to PayPal, then you can pay using Western Union or Wire-Transfer. Please contact sales to get more information.

What happens after payment is done?

we depend on our Anti-fraud system. After the payment is done, our security team do several checks to make sure that the buyer, or the payment method was used for fraudulent activities before or not.
This check usually take from 5 minutes to a few hours. After our security team confirm the payment, then we approve the invoice.

What may cause rejecting the payment?

I hope you understand that selling digital goods online is different from selling anything else because there's no shipping details which means in case of credit card fraud, it will be impossible to track the payment.
In order to protect your financial resources from being abused and protecting ourselves from fraud, we do our best to make sure the payment is authorized.
If you have any suspicion, we refund the entire payment until the ownership is verified.

How can I get the software I paid for?

After our security team confirm the payment, then we'll approve the invoice and software download link will appear in clients area.